About Us – Northern Dream Weaves

About Us

Welcome to Northern Dream Weaves.

We are excited to have you join our amazing team of professional hairstylists across Canada. 

Northern Dream Weaves was curated to teach and train licensed hair stylists on the application of weft hair extensions. We realized that application is everything as it is the most important step when determining the customers needs for hair extensions. Our customers are thrilled that they can wear extensions that are seamless and most importantly with no harmful adhesives that could damage hair. We have found that other techniques can damage the hair and it is directly associated with bonds and glue. That is why our extension technique is the best option for all customers.

Better extension methods are made possible with a Northern Dream Weaves certificate. Over the last three years, through trial techniques, we have developed an incredible hair extension application that is tested and performs every time. Customers hair can grow out without incurring any damage to their natural hair.

We are thrilled to educate our fellow Canadian stylists on this proven technique. Not only will your customers satisfaction be met with gorgeous extensions, but this can provide our student/stylists a very lucrative addition to your current salon menus.

Northern Dream Weaves is proudly a northern Ontario, self-funded, female founded brand with Métis heritage. 

Founder & CEO Jennifer Cooper is an award winning stylist hailing from Barrie, Ontario. Jennifer is a second generation hair stylist & salon owner. She grew up in the world of hair art, creativity and salon business first hand. Jennifer has been licensed in the beauty industry for over 11 years, graduating with an honours degree. Jennifer currently resides in Sudbury, Ontario with her husband and two children.

Jennifer Cooper CEO of Northern Dream Weaves